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A Plan to Discover What Your Ideal Customer Really WantsThe 3 Techniques to Apply on Your Content Beyond Formatting (So Readers Will Like You More)The 3 Biggest Mistakes Online Business Owners Make With Their CTAs6 Examples of the Most Effective Lead Capture Offers in the B2B Software IndustryThe Evergreen Template for Always Getting Top-Notch Testimonials (That Convince Even the Most Skeptic Readers)

Everything You Need To Get More Paying Customers From Your Blog Month-by-Month Sustainably

My name is David Hargitai, a digital marketer with 16+ years of experience formerly working in the Tech industry. And now, I want to share everything I know with you about tweaking your SaaS website into a lead-generation machine.


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Day 1: How To Adjust Your Tone For Your Audience (So They Hang On Your Every Word)Day 2: Assemble Your Web Content So That Your Message Slides Into Their Minds Easily (And Persuades Them More)Day 3: How To Boost The Value For The Reader So You Can Bravely Ask For What You Want In Exchange (At The Perfect Moment)Day 4: Convert 5x More Readers Into Leads With These Expert Methods (And How To Make Them Even More Effective As Time Goes By)Day 5: Grow Your MRR With These Trust-Building Techniques (Human Brain Simply Cannot Resist Them)